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ColorFabb copperFill Metal Filament

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ColorFabb copperFill Metal Filament

Start 3D printing with real metal today with ColorFabb copperFill. CopperFill is made of real copper particles and PLA so it works with desktop 3D printers!

Searching for an authentic metallic look? No further investigation needed! colorFabb's copperFill filament is perfect for a rustic finish. To achieve a nice, smooth piece, all you need to do is print, sand, and polish!

As a variation on bronzeFill copperFill is a true stunner. Now you can print with copper on your desktop 3D printer! The true value of this PLA/PHA based 3D printing filament comes to light when you sand and polish your print. It transforms from a red-brown clay like print into a work of art. With the added weight of real copper in the filament, copperFill is the perfect material for statues and other mementos that need to have a non-printed look

Thanks to ColorFabb's copperFill, we can shake things up a bit by printing with actual copper! At first, the copperFill appears to be laser sintered with a matte finish - fear not, for a little sanding and polishing allows the infused copper particles to sparkle unlike any filament that you have seen before! 

Another great characteristic of copperFill is its weight - it's about three times heavier than standard PLA, which really adds to the authenticity of your prints. This is ideal if you are printing items like jewelry or other artistic pieces. 


Before and after polishing

During production, ColorFabb copperFill uses laser measurment systems to confirm that the diameter of the filament is consistant - this guarantees that your printer is extruding the exact amount of filament that is should be.

Printing Tips and Tricks:

Bed Adhesion: use blue painter's tape with no heat, or bare glass @ 55-60C; when printing straight on the heated glass, use gluestick or kapton tape. 
Print Temp: 190-220C
Because of copperFill's combination of PLA and copper fibers, heat will travel through the filament more efficiently - this means that the filament will heat more easily, and cool down faster when leaving the nozzle. (This is great for printing objects with an overhang)
Density: ~3.9 g·cm^-3

After the Print:

Use coarse steel wool to polish the surface of the print. You can apply quite a bit of pressure but don’t polish a specific spot for too long - it can get hot and soften the material.
After using the steel wool, the print should be shimmering and smooth, with no visible print lines. 
To acheive the darker, almost shadow like look in certain print, apply a very thin layer of black spray paint, and then immediately wipe it off with cloth. The paint will remain in the nooks and crannies of the details that you want to look enhanced. 
Finally, use a copper polish to get the piece to really shine!


colorFabb copperFill - PLA/PHA + fine copper powder
Diameter Tolerance:
± 0.05 mm
3.9 g·cm-3
Glass Transition Temperature:

Adviced 3D printing temperature 
Adviced 3d print speed
40 - 100 mm/s
Advised Heated bed 
Cooling fan

TIP! Depending on your set-up, 3d printer and slice software, you might see that copperFill needs a bit more flow compared to your normal PLA settings. Most plastics will show die swell when coming out of the nozzle tip, this is counteracted with specific slicer settings. Since copperFill doesn’t show a die swell such as PLA you might need to increase flow rate a bit, 4-8% was perfect for our UM2. UM original did not need any adjustments.

TIP! Sanding and polishing your parts will make the copper particles shine. Start sanding with grit 120-180 and make sure all the printed lines vanish. You’ll notice that because copperFill is easy to sand down, careful you won’t loose too much detail. Then start working your way up by following with grit 240-320 and finishing off with grit 600 - or higher. Finally we used a clean soft cloth and some copper polish to really get all of the shine out of the copper particles.


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