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3D print parts quickly and easily with the Delta WASP 4070 Industrial X using strong, technical materials. The innovative heating and cooling system keeps the build chamber at a suitable temperature for the filament, whilst cooling the mechanical and electrical elements ensuring a safe operating temperature. 

Delta WASP industrial X 4070 features an impressive build volume capable of printing large scale functional prototypes in a variety of technical materials. The delta WASP industrial 4070 features a large print area capable of producing parts in a variety of material options making it perfect for industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace as well as medical applications. 

Utilise the innovative thermal and acoustic insulation to give you control of the build chamber temperature and keep your material at the optimum temperature. The chamber be increased to 70°C while keeping the electronics and hardware of the printer cool enough to continue safe operation, meaning the Delta WASP is ideal for any industrial workshop setting



Dual extruder- Print in two colours, two materials. increased torque and filament pressure allows a more consistent extrusion at even faster speeds. You can also use use the new continuous printing feature, meaning the machine will automatically switch to the other extruder nozzle when it notices the in use one runs out so your part never remains unfinished.

Automatic bed touch system- The new, innovative feature will ensure the extruder avoids colliding with the plate, so no worrying about damaging expensive parts.

Remote Monitoring & Control- Connect to WIFI for machine monitoring and control the printer from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Use the on-board camera to monitor the build live on any device remotely.

Intuitive Interface- Improved user interface featuring a larger touch screen GUI.

Ask the WASP technicians- If you run into an issue with your machine, the WASP technicians can work remotely to fix the issue and get you back to production.

Thermal Insulation- Specially developed internal heating chamber allows you to monitor and control the build chamber up to 70 degrees whilst keeping the machine mechanics and electrics at a safe, stable operating temperature. This allows you to achieve the optimum material properties for better parts and prototypes.


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